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'54 Gifts  

Class of 1954 Gifts

Number Gift Amount
1 Parade Reviewing Stand (1984) $254,000
2 Lucas Preparatory Scholarship (1989) $25,000
3 Advanced Technology Classroom (ATC) (1994) $90,000
4 Maintenance Endowment ATC (1996) $190,000
5 Lucas Military Heritage Center (MH) (2004) $2,180,000
         6 Lucas MHC Endowment (2009) $200,000

'54 Grand Total:


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1st Gift, Reviewing Stand on the Plain

Used for seating dignitaries and guests at parades and reviews. This gift was presented in 1984 at the 30th Reunion.



Plaque on Rear of Reviewing Box




Front View of Reviewing Box



2nd Gift, Andre C. Lucas Scholarship

This gift, made at the 35th Reunion in 1989, established a scholarship named for our classmate Andre C. Lucas. The scholarship allows one prospective cadet to attend a junior college or prep school for one year in preparation for entering West Point.




3rd and 4th Gifts, High Technology Classroom and Endowment

The class presented the High Technology Classroom to the Academy in 1994.  It is used as an academic laboratory to test new technologies and equipment before introducing them to the entire Corps. The High Technology Classroom is incorporated into the academyís Center for Teaching Excellence. The Class donated $90,000.00 for this gift. An additional $190,000 was given as an endowment to provide technology upgrades to the classroom.

The pictures below were taken at out 55th Reunion.



5th & 6th Gifts, Lucas Military Heritage Center and Endowment

 The Lucas MHC includes an outside entrance, a corridor leading to an anteroom, and a large classroom and display area in West Pointís Olmsted Museum located on South Post adjacent to the Visitorsí Center. The room can be used as an academic classroom with state-of-the art audio-visual equipment with high-speed data/video links to the world. It also provides museum display areas and facilities for conducting seminars and briefings. The entrance area to the Lucas Center contains a large patio with two granite benches and a granite monument on which are etched the names of 14 members of the Class of 1954 who gave their lives in combat for our country. The center is named for Andre C. Lucas. His name and a plaque describing the action for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor are part of the display at the entrance. The class donated $2,250,000.00 for this gift.  The gift was formally presented to the Academy on May 10, 2006.

The class also donated $200,000 for an endowment to provide for continued maintenance and upgrade of the center.




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