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How to Proceed

To assemble Your Own MA Data


To prepare MAs for Deceased Classmates

  Memorial Articles Liaisons (MALs)

  • Company MALs are the links between the Project Coordinator and actual or potential Action Coordinators (ACs).
  • MALs keep track of the need for ACs within the company, encourage others to serve in that role, and monitor and assist them as needed.
  • The most effective suggestions of potential ACs are those made by widows or other Next Of Kin (NOK). Roommates, other company mates and class members, and those with service or post-service contact with the deceased are promising prospects, both as ACs and contributors.
  • MALs, immediately after notification of a company mate's death, should strive to find an AC. AOG death notification normally contains names and contact information for NOK. A newspaper obituary and possibly a completed funeral attendee form may also be available. Prompt follow-up facilitates an expeditiously completed Memorial Article.
  • The AC role may be more appealing if the MAL does some initial data gathering.
  • MALs need to maintain contact with ACs to keep tabs on the progress of Memorial Articles and provide encouragement and assistance. This often is the difference between publication of timely Memorial Articles and those that take a year or more to complete.
  • Together with the Guidon Bearers, MALs should keep continuous contact with their company mates.
  • A further MAL responsibility is to help keep his company's MA status current by frequently checking it on line and providing updates and corrections to the project coordinator at jporter@usma1954.org.

  Action Coordinators (ACs)

  • ACs should promptly contact the widow or other NOK.
  • Self-assembled MA materials (provided by grads themselves) greatly simplify the writing effort.
  • Locating and contacting the NOK as soon as possible often provides necessary information and a willing writer or major contributor to the Memorial Article.
  • Many means of locating NOK and sources of other needed information are available in linked pages immediately below.

  Action Coordinators' Sources of MA Information

      Search Techniques for NOK, Lost Grads and MA Data

      MA Writing Guidelines

      MA Approval and Submittal Form


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